Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remembering Mardi Gras

I lived in New Orleans many moons ago, and I always remember it around my birthday (Feb 10th) because there was always some great Mardi Gras party where I could celebrate my birthday with King Cake and champagne punch. I am glad that some Katrina survivors have moved back and set up studios again. I can understand the displaced nostalgic feelings of those who have resettled, and taken a bit of the funk and magic to other locations. Here are some Etsy artists whose fairy dust has a Big Easy source origination:

DarrylGlade: Smile...It's Mardi Gra Day

NewOrleansmagpie: The Naturalist
GrenadineBijou: Dragonflies and Flying Machines choker

I love how Glade's photo is cropped so that the parader's face floats within the colorful costume. It really captures how surreal Mardi Gras parades are. The Naturalist appeals to my current sensibility, which is grounded in earthtones. The bamboo fibers in the band are like sunlight on red earth- very rich and beautiful. Dragonflies and Flying Machines, in traditional Mardi Gras colors, has an irresistible whimsical charm.

I so want to visit New Orleans again, but this is not my time to do so. But I am grateful for my memories in which I am swimming in a euphoric ocean of rhythm and sequined masks. There is nothing else quite the same in the world.

Way down yonder in New Orleans/In the land of dreamy scenes/There's a garden of Eden/You know what I mean.” Lois Armstrong

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