Friday, February 13, 2009

Bohemian Style

Today I discovered a category for my style of jewelry. What a relief. No more identity crisis. I'm one of those people who really love words, and when I can't quite describe something, it bugs me. I am making Bohemian style jewelry, or Boho Chic. It's an attitude of fashion that eclectically combines ethnic, or inexpensive elements with classic, luxury components. Bohemian jewelry uses natural elements and materials to emphasize the wearer’s connection to nature and the simplicity of natural things rather than artificial constructs. And finally, Boho jewelry is handmade, and often found online directly from the artisan.

So I read all this and think 'that's me!' I like this better than having to accept that my sun sign or Meyers Briggs or birth order or hand wrinkles define what I'm about.

Bohemian describes my home decor pretty well, too. It describes the way I live and think, but it doesn't describe my pottery, but oh well. Maybe I secretly want to live a bit outside of any one box anyway.

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