Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eco-friendly is the New Elegant

Don't you loathe thinking about the mountains of garbage piling up because we got tired of wearing something? Me, too. So I just have to love the new designers and craftspeople who are upcycling that mountain into a new genre of fashion. Here are some fun and flattering finds I discovered on Etsy:

This, from Berniesgirl is called Brownies Are Good.I love the crocheted upper, the extra long sleeves, and the mix of textures. And it's SUCH a good price! Click over to her website, and tell me I'm right!
This skirt from devilmademedoit has lots of attention to detail. I love the way that she uses the serging necessary to combine various fabrics as a slight ruffle, and having an asymmetrical hemline makes such a carefree finish.
Tipzthreads calls this Barefoot Forest Patchwork Hippie Dress. I love how she's used muted shades, and how the patches are centered down the front rather than completely random. You can tell that this creation came from a woman with a deep appreciation for natural beauty.

Thanks to those who are beginning to follow my little blog here. It's sweet to have a few friends to share my discoveries with. Remember to do something nice for our planet today... and something nice for yourself, too,dear lover of beauty!


  1. I couldn't agree more that "eco-friendly" is the new elegant. Not only are eco-friendly clothes beautiful in their own right, but what could be more elegant than shining on in something that "treads lightly on the earth"?

  2. This woman, selling tripzthreads is a thief. She robbed a ton of people on Etsy, claiming she was sick and couldn't fill orders on time. If you know where she is, please call the police. Thief!