Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Let the Beauty You Love be What You Do"

I've been making pottery for so long that I could also say that pottery has been making me. Even in these uncertain economic times, I am making pots, and have started a new line of jewelry with stoneware clay beads. It's on Etsy: OneClayBead.

So here's what I see, here in the Blue Ridge mountains.

And here's what I make. The necklace is called Rain of Love.

I didn't intentionally say 'I think I'll imitate rain on my window to the garden.' I just start following some inner creative pull, and I work until it all feels right; feels complete. But lately I've been noticing how much my work resembles my garden, my favorite walking paths, or the peculiar arch of my contented fat cat.

Maybe every piece of art could be called, "The World as I See It"?