Friday, December 20, 2013

A Merry Little Christmas dinner party

Christmas table nuetrals with pops of red

With my red dining room, Christmas decorating is easy! I like to set a simple table with neutral table linens and dinnerware so that the centerpieces on the table runner become a focal point. By keeping the arrangements low and using many candles, I’ve found that we can talk easily with everyone. For this table I gathered greenery from outside, focusing on aromatics like pine and lavender which is still green. I also gathered accents to spray gold. Here is my quick DIY:

Krylon metallic fast drying gold spray paint

leaves, pine cones, seed pods, dried flowers

Spray outside, wait 10 min, turn, spray backs. These accents can be used for many years. They also make a Yule/Christmas table transition into New Years with a few minor changes. Here are some I  made this year:

leaf, pine cone, seed pod spray painted in gold simple and natural Christmas table

Here are the Lee Wolfe Pottery pieces I used. Click image to see details:

Minimalist Christmas place setting tree candle holder on Christmas table

You can find my recipe for the Gingerbread Cookies here- they are gluten free and wonderful.

I also used my totem animals. I enjoy making these for fun. They take a bit of time but really let you return to that magical time when you were 4 years old and a wolf could have neon eyes or a penguin chevron green wings.

hand painted penguin DIY simple Christmas table decor

With simple greens , candles, and handmade accent pieces, I’m ready for a few dinner parties and Christmas guests.

woodland style Christmas table

Have a merry little Christmas, Happy Yule, and dream big for a New Year!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kiln load

orders ready to ship from Lee Wolfe Pottery

I had 9 orders that need to ship this weekend. Even though I have back up pieces for them all, I would much rather ship with a few days leeway, so I really wanted a good firing. I unloaded the kiln and was so happy to see a perfect, yes, PERFECT firing. Here it is, one layer at a time.

Lee Wolfe Pottery top of kiln firing

Joyful Blaze mug

middle shelf of kiln loadlower kiln shelf

bottom of kiln firing

noodle bowl

I have another load firing now that will be ready to unload Sunday morning, I hope the kiln gods smile on me once again. I love seeing new pots in the bright winter sunlight streaming in my windows. It’s a magical feeling. The pieces that were not preordered are for sale on my website Lee Wolfe Pottery and Etsy shop, OneClayBead.