Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kiln load

orders ready to ship from Lee Wolfe Pottery

I had 9 orders that need to ship this weekend. Even though I have back up pieces for them all, I would much rather ship with a few days leeway, so I really wanted a good firing. I unloaded the kiln and was so happy to see a perfect, yes, PERFECT firing. Here it is, one layer at a time.

Lee Wolfe Pottery top of kiln firing

Joyful Blaze mug

middle shelf of kiln loadlower kiln shelf

bottom of kiln firing

noodle bowl

I have another load firing now that will be ready to unload Sunday morning, I hope the kiln gods smile on me once again. I love seeing new pots in the bright winter sunlight streaming in my windows. It’s a magical feeling. The pieces that were not preordered are for sale on my website Lee Wolfe Pottery and Etsy shop, OneClayBead.

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