Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Artisan Wedding Challenge

beach cottage dinnerware
The Artisans Gallery Team is having a Wedding Challenge. Our task is to create new and exciting wedding themed pieces. I decided to create a dinnerware set around my textured lace bowls, and came up with my Beach Cottage handmade dinnerware set. Within 20 minutes of listing this on Etsy, I got a 10 place setting order, and now have a Bridal Registry!
Check out our team blog all this week. We are having 24 pieces each day featured by the premiere artisans exhibiting on Etsy!
You can also search AGTEAM WEDDING on Etsy and make your own discoveries. Here are some of mine:

A Firefly Lantern by Aprilhilerdesigns, a Royal Wedding at the Castle by Intres, Ring Bearer Wreath (this one is bold!) by twolefthands, a Happy Bunnies Wedding Cake Topper by Krize.

Aren’t these great? Custom Vintage Map Cufflinks by SherryTruitt, Forever in my Heart knit cuff by KnotOriginal, Crystal Bridal Necklace by StaroftheEast, and a silk and cashmere Bridal Lingerie set by Foundrydesign.
Enjoy my finds, and be sure to visit our blog each day his week!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MarciG’s flowers

shaping poppy petals sm Marci with red poppy bowl

                                               Marci working on Etsy shop

Marci G

at work

I love Marci’s new flower bowls. They have evolved from a bowl that looks somewhat like a flower to flowers that contain the idea of a bowl.

I started in clay as sculpture and transitioned to functional work. Marci’s path is the reverse.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the dove series

I think it's the coo-ing that thy do, that simple song of a majestic dove, the magical gentleness that calls my curiosity. I've watched them for literally hours, how they share the household duties of nest building and egg sitting, and take turns foraging while the other stays home.

One speaks and the other listens. They mate for life.

Sometimes it seems that my imagination takes wings with them as they soar to that nest in the pines. They own twigs and grass and each other and not a single other thing. I  imagine this in my clay pieces, where doves are gathering, more every day! My clay doves are informed by my winged beauties, and by Leonard Cohen's music where pathos is a prayer and comfort runs deep.