Monday, February 22, 2010

Artisans Gallery Team

From top: ring by Markhed, vest by LoveandKnit, pottery by oneblackbird, clock by PaulaArt,   painting by StudioZen.

As the snowstorms raged and birds clung to our feeders like jewels of life outlined by white death, I dreamed into existence the Artisans Gallery Team on Etsy, in partnership with the talented and intelligent MerrittHyde. Okay... maybe it wasn't quite that simple or graceful, and yes, it took hours and days of endless lists and secretarial prowess (which I possess in scarcity) but in the end I see a team of extreme talent and professionalism that exceeds my original vision. If you visit the team blog or search the team tag, agteam, you will see what I mean!

We are a juried team of artisans of distinction, vetted by peers for excellence in design, skill, presentation, integrity, and customer service. Our team will offer buyers an online experience akin to shopping in a gallery by creating a marketplace of high quality, exceptionally skilled artisans. As an international team, with volunteer translators, we are a network aligned to promote the goals of the Handmade Revolution, to connect and support each other across language and geographic barriers, and to recognize and encourage professional standards and unique artistic voices.

I hope that you will sense, as I do, the individual artistic voice of each member, and find joy in discovering the members of our team.

Friday, February 5, 2010

separate and unique magic

I'm in the Voter: Valentine's Gifts for Her. These are my thrown white bottle vases as a set. The tallest one is a full 12". I love how majestic and Zenlike this set is. I love to use them with flowers because you really only need a few to create magic. Look at what they do for carnations- what Charlotte on Sex and the City called "filler flowers."

Rather than cram a handfull of rare blooms into one vase, the bottle vases let each one glorious individual life reveal its separate and unique magic.

I'd love your vote!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Special Delivery: Share Your Love


I am in love with 2D collage, and when the scrapbooking craze started, it had me at hello. When I ran across Etsy's call for Valentine's Day cards to be delivered with Meals on          Wheels, my neglected piles of paper, pens, and punches cried out to be used. So here are some of my offerings, being mailed to Brooklyn today.

I wanted to do something that used my pottery, and I work hard to stage my photos for every season, so I printed out small pics of my bowls with the M&M hearts for each card, using the pithy phrase 'you "bowl" me over.' Then with punched hearts and circles, torn edge strips and mats, I created individual little collaged  cards.   I also used hand writing and doodles so that they look handmade and one of a kind. I love knowing that they will brighten someone's day.  

I once visited a large nursing home on Christmas with the Holiday Project, which was organized around knowing that suicide is high on holidays when those who feel left out of the merriment  experience depression. We were singing a rendition of Silent Night that would no doubt give Simon Cowell nightmares, when an older gentleman said, in a croaking voice, "Merry Christmas." The staff dropped jaws, and one nurse cried. The man hadn't uttered a word in 20 years. 

Acts of kindness are powerful. More than we might think.