Monday, January 14, 2013

staging obsessions

The most basic goal of staging is to tell a story about the object such as scale, function, style. Since I am one of those curious people who must push the boundaries, the staging of my pottery requires many props that get moved around and regrouped until something intuitive inside me says its right. This nesting bowl set is in  my Valentine collection. The heart formed in the negative space of  bits of winter garden finds and pieces pinched from a bouquet alludes to VD. I like to use bits from my own life. My husband surprised me with flowers. It was an exceptionally warm day so I enjoyed scavenging the garden. I've been scouring Pinterest for a dessert treat to bake and send to my college girl. So the story of my bowls is richer than size and color. It is about the love transmitted in cookies and gardening and getting something delightful that was unexpected.

Each staged picture is a small collage of the everyday magic in m life.