Sunday, August 30, 2009

Touched Creatively

I was selected for the Fall issue of Touched Creatively, a new online and print mag by the talented editor, Jodi Ulschmid. At her request, I wrote a short article about what inspires me as a clay artist. It reads a lot like my blog here, only more in depth, less rambling, and sans typos!

Here is her concept:

The purpose of this magazine is to form connections and networks, to inspire
individuals of possibilities within their lives, to encourage creativity and promote
the handmade community. I want to give emerging artists exposure for their
amazing talents, promote their on-line shops, and offer support for following their
dreams. Art comes in a variety of forms and is made with special meanings,
whether it is in the process or the end product, there is always a story to be told.
I want to share these inspiring stories to form a connection between the viewer,
artist, and handmade creation so a special meaning will always be remembered.

You can preview the issue for free here. It is quite affordable for a high quality mag (only $5.17 til the end of the month!), and also available as a download for only $1.89. The layouts are gorgeous, and i can't wait to get my printed copies!

Friday, August 28, 2009

dinnerware and dreams

I've been working on a large set of dinnerware, custom made for a client here in Asheville, and just listed a sample on Etsy. I loved mixing one bowl in that has 1 glaze in common but 2 that are different; it breaks up the matchy matchiness that I loathe in commercial table settings. I absolutely love the way that the cobalt blue glaze flows into a subtle pebbly pattern and then ends in an aqua pool.

I've also been working on some Halloweeny designs, but my daughter, Marci, scooped me on this, and got herself into a gift guide!

I am watching the soft patter of a light rain fall on individual petals and then roll off in teardrops. Do the flowers mourn the end of summer, the passing of Teddy Kennedy, or the sorrows of this world? Or do they merely accept the rain, and turn towards the sun when it returns, as if all the fleeting moments of life are precious, and none scorned?

Well, I must get a grip and go glaze some plates, though the flowers call to me: discover my secrets, live to observe and praise. It's tempting.....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

pouring happiness and success

This is my new pitcher, The Daisy and the Bee. Who doesn't love the daisies, symbols of undying love, with their white frilly collars and their happy hippy faces? And I am absolutely in love with bees, who live three weeks and all their precious life is spent spreading pollen, sipping sweetness, and making honey. I love the idea of pouring and serving from this vessel, as if we might pour the success and abundance of a happy life into glasses and serve it up to all our guests.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whitewater Rafting

I've been putting in long hours in the studio, as you may have noticed by my neglected blog! There is just no free time lately. So Sunday we took off and went rafting on the French Broad River up in Madison County. We navigated some class 3-4 rapids and just left all tension and stress behind. In the front you can see Mitch, the BF, Marci- the famous MarciG (my daughter), me (OneClaybead, Ken (my husband), and our guide, Chris. We stopped several times to swim, saw a few blue heron, the majestic Appalachian mountains, and the light in the eyes of those you love when they are filled with joy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

featured in Touched Creatively

Exciting news! I am going to be featured in the second issue of a new publication called Touched Creatively. The editor just featured Marci's Peace Dove on their blog, which sold within hours. It's a great online and print mag that highlights how and where we get inspiration as artists.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The web that we share

Don't you love how we are all connected? Sometimes it just makes my head explode thinking about the intricate and mysterious web that gently supports us all. For instance, Terri Besecker in Dallas, PA, bought this small leaf dish from my daughter, MarciG's Etsy store, and took it over to show her good friend, Laura Slocum. Much to Terri's surprise, Laura knew all about MarciG, and her mom (me)! Terri was totally unaware that Marci is 16, and is connected to Laura through etsyprojectembrace; that I blog quite often lately about Laura andMarci, both, and that I've actually watched a video of Terri at Laura'a Rose ceremony on Laura's blog!!

I mean, what are the odds???!!! Terri, a brand new buyer, just stumbled upon Marci out of 600,000 shops on Etsy. She wasn't searching for the tag etsyprojectembrace! And then something gave her the idea to take her new piece of pottery to show Laura.

I'm sure that some people move in and out of my life for arbitrary reasons, but I am absolutely certain that some people come into my life as part of a larger plan or purpose, and that when this happens, signs occur to let me know, to confirm the inner, intuitive feeling that this is a person here to teach, to learn, and to share a soul connection.

I wonder... do you have connections that surprise you? Do we all?