Sunday, August 2, 2009

The web that we share

Don't you love how we are all connected? Sometimes it just makes my head explode thinking about the intricate and mysterious web that gently supports us all. For instance, Terri Besecker in Dallas, PA, bought this small leaf dish from my daughter, MarciG's Etsy store, and took it over to show her good friend, Laura Slocum. Much to Terri's surprise, Laura knew all about MarciG, and her mom (me)! Terri was totally unaware that Marci is 16, and is connected to Laura through etsyprojectembrace; that I blog quite often lately about Laura andMarci, both, and that I've actually watched a video of Terri at Laura'a Rose ceremony on Laura's blog!!

I mean, what are the odds???!!! Terri, a brand new buyer, just stumbled upon Marci out of 600,000 shops on Etsy. She wasn't searching for the tag etsyprojectembrace! And then something gave her the idea to take her new piece of pottery to show Laura.

I'm sure that some people move in and out of my life for arbitrary reasons, but I am absolutely certain that some people come into my life as part of a larger plan or purpose, and that when this happens, signs occur to let me know, to confirm the inner, intuitive feeling that this is a person here to teach, to learn, and to share a soul connection.

I wonder... do you have connections that surprise you? Do we all?


  1. how incredible is that! out of all the sellers on etsy she chose your daughter (for good reason!) and then went to see Laura. absolutely amazing .. i love how we can connect from within countries, continents and countries separated by water .. thanks to this electronic age of ours :)

  2. Yes, Terri was picked first in the rose ceremony, too! ha ha!! She was thrilled with her purchase and the packaging and how fast it came!!! thanks for the story :D laura

  3. Sweet story! Yes, I agree, that everything we experience and everyone we meet belongs to the picture of our life. I'm glad, you've found me on Etsy (as I'm SO out of Etsy world the last months). I'm happy to have the chance to know you better. Thanks, Lee!