Sunday, August 30, 2009

Touched Creatively

I was selected for the Fall issue of Touched Creatively, a new online and print mag by the talented editor, Jodi Ulschmid. At her request, I wrote a short article about what inspires me as a clay artist. It reads a lot like my blog here, only more in depth, less rambling, and sans typos!

Here is her concept:

The purpose of this magazine is to form connections and networks, to inspire
individuals of possibilities within their lives, to encourage creativity and promote
the handmade community. I want to give emerging artists exposure for their
amazing talents, promote their on-line shops, and offer support for following their
dreams. Art comes in a variety of forms and is made with special meanings,
whether it is in the process or the end product, there is always a story to be told.
I want to share these inspiring stories to form a connection between the viewer,
artist, and handmade creation so a special meaning will always be remembered.

You can preview the issue for free here. It is quite affordable for a high quality mag (only $5.17 til the end of the month!), and also available as a download for only $1.89. The layouts are gorgeous, and i can't wait to get my printed copies!


  1. Congrats! This is a beautiful magazine and isn't it wonderful to be in the 1st issue. Your work is fab and you should be in there. Jeanne

  2. What beautiful and inspiring magazine, for artist just getting started and for those who've been around awhile! I will be checking it out, congratulations!!!

  3. Congratulations! What a fabulous opportunity for a wonderful artist!!!

  4. Congratulations, it must so excited and a great opportunity for you!:)

  5. oh wow Lee .. BIG congratulations! that's fantastic and the magazine looks gorgeous .. i wish you great success :)