Friday, August 28, 2009

dinnerware and dreams

I've been working on a large set of dinnerware, custom made for a client here in Asheville, and just listed a sample on Etsy. I loved mixing one bowl in that has 1 glaze in common but 2 that are different; it breaks up the matchy matchiness that I loathe in commercial table settings. I absolutely love the way that the cobalt blue glaze flows into a subtle pebbly pattern and then ends in an aqua pool.

I've also been working on some Halloweeny designs, but my daughter, Marci, scooped me on this, and got herself into a gift guide!

I am watching the soft patter of a light rain fall on individual petals and then roll off in teardrops. Do the flowers mourn the end of summer, the passing of Teddy Kennedy, or the sorrows of this world? Or do they merely accept the rain, and turn towards the sun when it returns, as if all the fleeting moments of life are precious, and none scorned?

Well, I must get a grip and go glaze some plates, though the flowers call to me: discover my secrets, live to observe and praise. It's tempting.....


  1. Way to go, Marci!
    She learned from the best :)

    And your dinnerware is beautiful. I really love the colors.

  2. you do lovely work! and your store is beautiful :)