Monday, July 27, 2009

Evidence of Grace

We don't see the roots pushing their way through dense soil to find moistness. Our sense of time doesn't track the uncurling leaves nor the opening into brilliant bursts of mesmerizingly scented flowers. We take for granted that the flowers will come forth and bloom, and so it makes sense to me that I might trust in mysterious processes at work in my own life.

Marci and I have both been working in flower bowls! She made the Plum Poppy Bowl, above, and I made the Turquoise Waters Serving Bowl.

We are both thinking of Laura Slocom, and etsyprojectembrace, watching a community come together to support a woman in her healing process. I am also thinking of the strange and yes, wonderful, things that have occurred since the economic recession took my husband's job. In search of new income, I found Etsy. In search of a summer job, Marci also opened her Etsy store. And we now work side by side, and I get to hear her 16 year old heart for hours each day, a priveledge, a flower also unfolding.

Evidence of Grace. All of it.


  1. Wow, you are a great writer as well! I can picture ALL of what you are saying... even though i'm probably missing a few brain cells... ha ha! I think it's wonderful you work together and I hope and wish for many sales for both of you, today and everyday, because you are both special people. laura xxoo

  2. Great post, and beautiful works!

  3. the bowls are both absolutely gorgeous! I think it's wonderful that your daughter has begun with etsy .. congratulations :)

    EPE - incredible project, incredible show of love and support.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend
    Kerrin xox