Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm part of Etsyprojectembrace

You know I love treasuries on Etsy, and the best people I've found are mainly other treasury makers. Laura Slocum offered some insight into this recently:

"The one thing I’ve learned in the past year is that Etsy has made it a point to have their competing sellers be friends through promoting each other in the treasuries. That sounds kind of funny, but, on the quest to have the “coveted” FP, we create treasuries, we comment on other treasuries, we “convo” people all over the world to congratulate them on their successes, and we make friends. Aren’t we supposed to be competing for sales?? Well, maybe some things are just more important than sales. From the moment I had a diagnosis, while still in the hospital, my Etsy friends were first on the scene – building treasuries just for me, wishing me well, offering advice, sending gifts, and a few have gone so far as to donate proceeds to the American Cancer Society in my honor!! Just to remind you………these are people ....I’VE NEVER MET! They have completely gone out of their way to be a friend or try to put a smile on my face. I now even talk to some of them on the phone! Now, I’m not talking 2 or 3 friends, I’m talking like 30 or 40! Some people just have checked my profile and offer words of encouragement! The first day that we learned about my chemo and all the ‘ins and outs’, the ‘goods and bads’, etc., my husband went online to search for support groups. He said to me that night, “I will never do that again, I was so depressed that I had to get off the computer” I said, in reply, “I don’t need support groups, I all need are my friends on Etsy”! They lift me up on a daily basis."

I love being part of Laura's support group because she cheers me up by having such an optimistic, proactive relationship with her healing process. Haven't we all been affected by cancer in some way? I know I have. Last week, one of my daughter's good friends lost her dad to cancer. As a means of dealing with her grief, and also her fears that she could lose one of her own parents, I suggested to Marci that she make a treasury for etsyprojectembrace, and showcase works that will generate donations to the American Cancer Society when sold.

Then we went a little farther and designed this dinnerware set together. Through Etsyprojectembrace, we are donating 20% of our sales to the ACS. Maybe by the time that Marci has her own children, no child will ever again lose a parent, a friend, a partner, or a child to cancer. Imagine that!


  1. Great post! You are right about the Etsy Community. I find that competition gets put aside when help or support is needed. Your is a truly deep tale of human nature at its best.
    Best to you and the family.

  2. What a wonderful story, your friend has such an incredible outlook. You are teaching your daughter more than one valuable life lessons by joining in the Projectembrace. Please pass along my prayers to your friend.

  3. your collaboration with your daughter is a wonderful thing-- i love the set you've made together, and in fact have it featured in my treasury for laura as well.. your daughter is fortunate to have you as an inspiring mom, just as we're lucky to have laura. she is inspiring to us all. her courage and humor, and spirit in the face of this huge challenge remind us that we're never alone... and that together there is strength & support to be found.

  4. Lee, this is a great project. What a wonderful way to help Marci work through her grief; we always get more than we give. I have a friend who is a potter who used to struggle with eating disorders and he epecially likes to work with other people who fight this problem; he says clay is such a deeply satisfying medium that it supports healing on many levels.

  5. I saw your piece in a treasury today .. absolutely amazing work you and your daughter have made. you know I am a fan of your work and have gotten to know you through the treasuries, i couldn't agree with you or Laura more, we do have an amazing community and the support shown in the project is just incredible and it's really only just begun. Laura certainly is an inspiration to us all .. she's a true gem and her outlook and attitude is something to uphold. If we can all work together then perhaps we can make a difference, for Laura, for family, for friends, for all those people suffering and unfortunately yet to suffer.

    You are one special lady and I am honored to have 'met' you :)

    kerrin xox

  6. Thank you everyone, for your responses. Since I wrote this, Marci's dinnerware set hit the front Page, chosen by admin, and I've sold pieces for donation. I'm excited by the flurry of sales in both our shops but equally excited to be raising money and making new friends all at the same time. In so many ways, life is good! let's cherish it, and each other.

  7. Lee, you are Marci are very special and so fortunate to have each other to work with and spend time with! My boys aren't 'crafty', but we did spend alot of time at the rink..the courts.. the fields, etc! I enjoy seeing your pieces pop up on the treasurys and congrats on sales AND Front Pages!! Thanks so much for being a new and very good friend to me! laura xxoo

  8. Laura, It's my privilege to know you! Thank you, my dear new friend.