Thursday, February 5, 2009

Art in the Time of Uncertainty

I have had my own personal dance with the Economic Meltdown lately. My husband lost his job, our retirement plans are now more like a Wish List, and the prospect of losing our home sat like an uninvited guest at the table every evening. I've had to chose to either fall into a spiraling undertow of fear, or actually practice the spiritual principles I've learned. I chose plan B.... began offering classes in my studio, offered more work to galleries, found a few retail opportunities, and actually earned our family income for a few months. Possibilities! There. if you will but reach past the fog of fear.

Kellyrae's inspirations fine art print "Possibility" illustrates this beautifully.

My husband sat at the computer night and day filling out job applications. He relentlessly pushed past a wall of despair and frustration. After 6 weeks, he got a 2 day consulting job that has become 2 months. The company is thrilled with his performance. It looks like he will have enough consulting work to carry him through indefinitely. He shone the light of hope into the darkness, and then reasons to be hopeful showed up like crocuses poking through the snow. Sometimes you have to hope when there is no reason to hope. Our blessings cannot come to us when the wall of despair is blocking our door.

Collagedlife's beautiful "Hope Springs Eternal" helps us keep this in mind.

Our dance with Mr. Economic Meltdown started out like a Beginner's Tango Class, but it is becoming an invigorating, graceful Waltz. One where you know the steps and just let the music carry you.

Art can feed our souls during times of crisis and uncertainty. Remember to find a bit of inspiration today. And pass it on.

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  1. Thanks for finding me Lee. Wonderful that you are creating this blog. Living in Asheville is so sweet, huh? I love this blue sky. Be in touch, and Bravo, Brave we are.