Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free People's Valentine Exchange

IvyS made this incredible bag for me, and I sent her the upcycled lambswool and wool scarf. We both took part in Free People's Valentine Craft Swap. Have a look-see at the Flickr pool, where everyone who participated can post what they made and sent. Free People matched us up, we exchanged a few emails about our tastes and preferences, and then hand made something just for her (or him).
I'm absolutely not a professional seamstress but I've been very intrigued by upcycled wearables, and thought I might be able to manage a scarf. My partner, Ivy, is a student in Alaska, and it seemed like something appropriate. It was fun to think outside of clay for a change!
I felted the sweaters first by washing them in hot water. It's weird to shrink something on purpose... but I knew exactly how to do it because I've done it as an oops before. Once felted, the edges won't unravel, so I just pieced it together, and then stitched a loose zigzag around the edge. To make it more Valentiney, I appliqued 2 hearts on the ends. One of the hearts has a bit of red running through it, so this was my ode to the day's color scheme. What can I say? I love neutrals, and have never skied flashing red flag sweaters, although maybe I should, since I'm not a pro skier by any stretch.
The Exchange site has some wonderful postings. If you want to participate next year, sign up on the FP blog in Jan. There is also a holiday exchange in Dec.

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