Friday, February 27, 2009

The Magic of Candlelight

Curling up with a good book, dining after a long day, making family memories and traditions, eating out under the stars, listening to Forget Your Bad Boyfriend music- all these are better by candlelight! Here are some Etsy artists whose work was made to hold candles. Plus one of my own.

If you read my blog yesterday, you know why I love Jean Pelle's 2 Dorit candleholders. I'm fascinated by facets- and this pair of 24K gold leafed wooden ones are unique and very alluring.

Aimee Golant's Life Source Candle Holders, in pewter and steel, are exactly the kind of organic elegance that I want on my table! They can be Shabbat candle holders or just some of the most spectacular candlesticks you'll ever own.

The last piece featured is my Three Dragonflies Votive in Green Tea glaze. It's a soothing and understated accent piece on its own, but when lit from within by a votive candle, the pattern around the dragonflies comes alive and dances. It's my best selling work, and one that always gets a place of honor when given as a gift.

If you can invest in countless enchanted evenings, here are three pieces that can provide that pleasure. And if this is not the right time for you to so indulge, three dollar store candles placed on a pretty plate will still light up your night and encourage your soul to dream.

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