Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oooooohhhhh....Greek Leather!

I've been using Greek leather cord to string my pendants lately, and I'm enthralled with how light and comfortable it is. It's more expensive than leather strips which are usually from India, but it's worth paying more to get the durability, flexibility, and superior craftsmanship. For this piece, I used one of my clay hearts that is embossed with scrolls and a star. The tail is twisted, making it part of my "Twisted Tale" series (does your love story have a few twists and turns?...) I chose a Celtic knot charm, and then strung it on 2 strands of Greek leather cord.
I've also used Greek leather cord in combination with conventional stringing methods. This piece, Passionate Heart, has pearls, lampwork glass beads, and red jasper strung on Beadalon wire. I have used 2 strands of Greek leather to go around the neck. I like the look, and it is super comfy.

In this piece, Pearls, White Agate, and an Iridescent Heart, the Greek leather cord is only around the back of the neck. It's worth the extra time to give it that contemporary flourish, and also to add comfort in wear. Notice the beautiful model- my 15 year old daughter. She prefers my necklaces in Greek leather, and I can see why. Young women look best in smaller beads and simpler styles.

You can find more of my work on Etsy at One Clay Bead. Have a creative day, and I hope you find something new that excites you today!

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