Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Art Will Continue to Sell

"Love is Everything", by Gary Heller Photography.

You may not know it, but I am a news junkie. I read political and economic blogs, and it isn't a pretty picture being painted there, which is why art is more vital to my life now than last year. I think we all need art, now more than ever, because artists can bring qualities like faith, hope, and clarity present. Artists crack open the small ugly box that fear generates around us, and thus we breathe a little deeper, take a broader perspective, and see more possibilities.

What's wonderful about "Love is Everything" is that Heller shows us a tranquil moment in time and space where what is real and what is ideal have merged. It's a powerful visual reminder that dreams can and do become real. This is important. When we forecast our personal and political scenarios, projections, and predictions it is useful to hold open the door for the possibility that we may be transitioning into a better place.

As Mary Manin Morrissey said, "You block your dreams when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith."

Really good art gives us the imaginative building blocks to dream, design, and ultimately build ours lives anew. It lets a news junkie like me go into my studio confident that beauty is more relevant and essential now than ever before in my lifetime. Art will continue to sell because it is not a luxury. It is the receptacle of what it means to be human; to have a say in our own evolution.


  1. I thank you for honoring my work on your blog and I thought what you wrote is a very intersting sentiment. I agree.

    Art is not a luxury. . .it should never be thought of as that. It is life itself. It is an extension of the human mind, soul and spirit. Yes, it is a form of expression for the artist but I do believe it is also a form of expression for the buyer/collector as well. The art that one has in their home whether it is a painting, photograph, ceramic piece or sculpting, embroidery etc reveals to others much about who you are. Many of us acquire art that moves us in some way or touches our heart. This acquisition is a form of expression itself.
    Some serious collectors purchase soley for investment purposes, but even they occasionally acquire something that may deeply touch their heart.
    I enjoy looking at the art I have acquired over the years in my home. They never cease to move me or make me glow inside and they are never the same exactly whenever I see them. They are always taking on a slightly new look depending on the lighting and time of day or even my particular mood. They are an expression of myself.
    When guests come into my home they can immediately know a little something about me from the art that is here, and I like that.
    Yes, art will continue to sell as we absolutely need it in our lives.

  2. Art like Mr. Heller's takes me to that tranquil place where I can exercise my fear-killing brain cells and build up my faith-building muscles.

    Art in general, and for me, especially photography of beautiful flowers and nature, keep me going in the winter when the garden is dormant or during the long days in my office with no view of the outside world.

    It is telling that the items we carry from place to place as we move about the planet are the art and creativity we collect - from fine art to our kids' drawings and stories they created in elementary school. All the rest can be laid aside or re-created where next we find ourselves, but our creative collections are truly one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable.

  3. Gary,

    "I do believe it is also a form of expression for the buyer/collector as well. The art that one has in their home whether it is a painting, photograph, ceramic piece or sculpting, embroidery etc reveals to others much about who you are."

    Good point! I am aware everyday of how much pleasure the art in my home gives to me, but I forget that my collection is also part of my self expression.

    It's such a great place to find common ground with people.

  4. in2l-

    How funny and true! I sold off most of my furniture in the last move but carefully packed up all my prints, paintings, and various fragile artworks; they ALL had to come with me!

  5. Art IS more necessary now than ever - as is humor. I used to attend this fabulous conference in Saratoga every year called the Humor and Creativity Conference - well over a thousand people attended each year from all over the world. Artists, educators, health professionals, business people, teachers - all came together. After 9-11 they sent out a call asking people whether they would still be interested in attending that spring. There were so many people who said "Now more than ever, we need this."

    I also agree fully with the idea of Gary's that the buyer also expresses themselves when they choose a purchase of art - both in the fact that something in it reflects their own values and sentiments and also is enhanced by their experiences and interpretations. What an amazing process to send something out into the world to grow.

  6. The essentials of art and humor... Becky, you would love an artist I know in Vilas, NC. He has a sign in his studio, needlepointed, that reads

    I cried because I had no shoes
    Til I met a man
    who had no taste.

    (gets me every time!)