Saturday, March 28, 2009

Making a Banner for an Etsy Shop

It wasn't enough to be a potter AND a jeweler, and a mom, wife, small business owner, domestic diva, and volunteer-for-everything recovery candidate. I am now an Etsy banner designer! So, okay, I'm not hawking myself as a pro, but after a gazillion attempts, I finally like the banner I made for my Etsy shop- please check it out! It's easier to see Etsy-sized.

Here's how I did it:

I found these wonderful templates by Janet's Glass. She made them specifically for Etsy banners and offered them for the taking. Thanks, Janet!

I downloaded that to my computer, and then opened it in Photoshop.

I took out the imagery that didn't work for my shop with the clone stamp tool. Then I put photos of my work where I wanted them, by opening the photos I already had, and using the move tool.

I used the magic extractor tool on the necklace and mug. I also set the opacity of the mug at 60% so that it recedes into the background somewhat.

Then I selected a typeface, white type, and typed OneClayBead and my description. Since the template was already sized correctly, I uploaded it to Etsy, and Poof!

I am a banner designer! How do you like it?