Saturday, March 14, 2009

Magical Reverie, Interrupted

The mountains in winter draw me into a magical reverie where every almost silent rustle could be a gnome or unicorn, and I imagine myself living peacefully and blissfully as part of the natural order of things. Even though I live with this astonishing natural beauty, my life has lately been anything but magical and charmed. I've been in the slightly less blissful world of modern technology gone wretchedly amuck. Our wireless internet connection ceased, my computer crashed, and we've been dealing with Charter cable reps, who are not nearly as endearing as gnomes or unicorns. But just milliseconds before my patient husband became the latest example of Tech Rage Insanity, it all began behaving perfectly again.

This explains why I haven't posted blogs this past week. I'm back!


  1. I just had to laugh out loud!

    Its raining here but it still looks beautiful and I bet if I looked closely I would find a few gnomes hiding beneath their yellow daffodil umbrellas.

    It is truly ironic to sit here writing about the outside world on my supersophisticated ultra high speed laptop that only works when it wants to, while despite all we have done to her, Mother Earth comes back on line every year to amaze us with her beauty.

    Thanks for the share and welcome back.

  2. Oh, we've gotten so used to being connected through technology that the world is just upside down when it lets us down. Like indoor plumbing - some things aren't as nice when we have to go back to nature.

  3. in2l:

    I can see the gnomes with their daffodil umbrellas, too! Thanks for that image!

    becky n:

    lolol, I do love my nice modern bathroom! Totally agree.