Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Works

These came out of my kiln this morning, just in time to show to one of my favorite buyers. Her word for this turquoise glaze was "tranquil." I'm really liking it. The ikebana vase may have to stay on my dining room table awhile. I like to live with a few of my new pieces before they get sold. I have 1 month before I develop this glaze into a new line of work and my head is swimming deliriously with ideas.
So what do you think? I love the turquoise by itself the best, and in combo with the yellow and earthtones, but I'm not as crazy about the turquoise and white. Don't quite know why.


  1. I agree - love the turquoise, and the combinations with the earth tones, both just the tiny edging and the bowl with a lot more pattern and mixture of the colors. The white and turquoise is not as dramatic. Beautiful pieces!

  2. That's it, Becky- I was feeling like the turquoise just went static with the white. Not ugly but not as dramatic, as you said.

    Thanks- its so helpful to know how other people are reacting to new works. Much appreciated!

  3. Love the flowing shape of the vase - this picture could be called "Tranquil Jonquil".

    I like the turquoise with the color you have rimming the bowl - very striking - or just by itself.

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  5. thanks in2l,

    I feel more confident about going ahead on my own instincts, knowing that others share my thoughts.

    You are the best!

  6. Your works are beautiful. They have depth and a deliberate style about them. I like the turquoise and earth tone alot, but I do find the turquoise and white attractive as well. It feels like it should go well in a beach house with large windows and sliding deck doors with a very airy and open atmospehere. It is elegant nonetheless.
    That bowl really is wonderful.
    Great work.

  7. I'm in love with this vase^_^!!