Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Handmade

We're all likely to buy a wedding or anniversary gift soon. This year I'm thinking of how my spending affects our troubled economy, and I'm joining the Handmade Revolution. Think about it! In buying this gorgeous dinnerware set by JD Wolfe Pottery, or this 4 pc placemat set by Such Pretty Colors, 100% of your money goes directly to the artist, and directly into the Real Economy. 0% goes to CEO bonuses, golden parachutes, third world sweat shops, corporate irresponsibility, or any of the other depressing topics we were happy to never hear about until last October.

It's better for our planet, too. Stoneware pottery made in an artisan studio will far outlive commercial dinnerware, and it uses less energy to produce. A good fabric artist will always produce more durable goods with less waste than manufactured products.

Will I be spending more??? Will I be hi-jacked by my conscience, morals, ethics, and general soft-heartedness into doing The Right Thing? Heck, no! The 4 pc dinnerware set is $119, and the 4 pc placemat set is $35. Pretty much what I'd spend at an upscale corporate retail chain.

(The curious should know that I am not related to JD Wolfe Pottery, even though we have the same last name, and are both potters. I just ran across it on Etsy, and like the work. And I can't fill every dinnerware order out there- it's okay to spread the Handmade Revolution around. None of us will ever be Too Big to Fail.)

It's all pretty sweet. I used to just make stuff and love to shop and now I'm a revolutionary.


  1. Viva la Revolution! This idea really fits well with my desire to support the local, real economy! It doesn't hurt that just like local food tastes better, local artists' work is unique and beautiful and useful.

    I really get this idea. Thanks for putting it into such clear words.

  2. haha, I am happy to take your overflow orders. :) Love your blog!

  3. in2l-

    I've just started to read about the real economy, and find it very exciting. Thanks for the analogy with buying local food. it's about buying from small businesses and individuals rather than corporations whose stock is publicly traded, right?

  4. Thanks so much for including my placemats in your piece. It really does feel good to experience that connection to a vibrant artist community, and to know you are supporting your local artists, every time you eat a meal. All of my dishes and linens are handmade and it adds a richness to my daily life. :) And, a set of my placemats costs less than one family meal at a chain restaurant!

  5. suchprettycolors-
    You are so right about how having handmade tableware enriches us. It turns every lowly thrown together meal into a special occasion at our house.
    BTW, you have the perfect name for your store!