Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Whole New World

I dragged my "vintage" table, lightbox made of a cardboard box and tissue paper, and point and shoot camera outside on a beautiful balmy day to photograph some new pieces. I think I'm getting somewhere with my homestyled setup. These look pretty darn near to what I used to pay $20 an image for.

They are all tagged, described, and listed in my Etsy shop, if you are interested. I was up until 4 a.m. photoshopping, resizing, catalogueing, and uploading. Ack! When you read all those articles about Etsy's success, they never mention that you must be a near pro photographer, copywriter, language specialist, and techno whiz to participate! Or that you'll fall so in love with everyone else's work! Or that it will completely change the context you have for what it means to be a maker of handmade things.


  1. I agree,..about the etsy success^_^.I can't take pictures as well as you did! Great pictures of very beautiful artwork.

  2. Looking at the first pictures on your Etsy site and comparing them to these you can see the evolution in both the pictures and the staging. For some reason I am taken by the pictures of mugs and bowls on their sides or in interesting groupings.

    Cool platter!

  3. BTW - I love the Favorite Things choices on the top left of your blog page. You really find some great items to feature.

    That baby is sooooo cute, the tree decals are really unique and I have to recommend to everyone they click through to DirtySanchez' (soap bars) description of mornings with Grandma! Etsy can give you a unique view of the artist and the art!

  4. Angelhair-

    Thanks for the feedback. It's hard to have a critical eye and lack the knowledge of how to get things the way I want them. I've said things to Photoshop that would have gotten me in a lot of trouble as a kid!

    I think you have some really great images in your Etsy shop! It's a bit more than we thought it would be, eh???!

  5. in2l-

    Thanks so much. I have a design background so I'm halfway competent on positioning pieces but I can't get the #%^&! reflections to behave!

    The favs here will change as I bookmark things in Etsy. To see my full list, you can go to My Favorites in my Etsy shop.


    My husband lost his job recently, so I am spending his future paychecks in virtual time!

  6. Your simple homemade set-up is all it takes as you have shown here. The photos are good and your works are great.
    I also like the layout of your mugs. Really like those mugs!
    Your work is always impressive, i'm looking forward to more.

  7. Gary Heller-

    Thank you! To have one of the very best photographers nod approval is worth all my efforts!

    Glad you like the mugs, too.

  8. The texture on that middle piece is so amazing.