Friday, March 6, 2009

Bee Happy

If you wander aimlessly in the yard, and stop to admire the first shocking purple of the crocuses that open their brave faces to the snowy cold, it is good to have a macro lens! My husband caught this little bee having a pollen party.

Don't tell me this isn't happiness! That its not buzzing in gratitude and praise; that it is not covering itself in grace, saturated in sweetness, savoring a sticky binge, perhaps a little drunk; like a priest who cleans up after communion.

I know there is some biological scientific dissertation on bees, but I don't believe it right at this minute. I want to watch the audacious little bee, and for a moment, drift in happy.


  1. Woo Hoo! Spring Fever. I'll have a glass of whatever she's having!

    Bartender, set 'em all around!

  2. lolol

    thanks- I'll have a mimosa!

  3. I once had an apartment with a balcony surrounded by evergreen trees - when the pollen was exploding, and the air was yellow with dust, I was sitting out there in a chair reading, when something hit my head. I turned around and it was a bee - so heavily laden that it hadn't been able to negotiate the elevation it needed to clear my head. It made another attempt, hit me again - and eventually made it. I loved it! And your husband's photo reminded me of that special time - the abundance!

  4. becky n-

    What a great descriptive writer you are- I could see the bee in my mind's eye! Thanks for that gift. It's good in times when 'recession' and 'tightening your belt' are realities spoken of exhaustively to remember the abundance that doesn't shrink with the Dow or S&P. I welcome more of your perspective.

  5. Great shot! I adore crocus...I'm going to add that to my list of things to plant in my new yard.