Friday, May 29, 2009

Three artists

These vine silver earrings are made by Anakim in Tel Aviv. I can see the years spent as a graphic designer in Anakim's jewelry. Each piece has this stark simplicity and meticulous craftmanship. As her bio says, "Living in a country located at a crossroads of diverse cultures, history and landscape, and as a constant traveler throughout the world, I'm inspired by people, scenery, local aromas, colors and shapes."

Veroque is another Israeli jewelry artist with a very unique style. How can you not LOVE her Volcano bead woven pendant!!!! I've tried a bit of bead weaving, and can so appreciate the hours and skill that went into this beautiful creation. I especially love how Vered's pieces have strong colors that work successfully by nuetral surrounds. Her bio says, "Beads and needlework tap into my inner peace and I hope I can share that with you." Shalom!

Cocoa Ocean, by sharonclancydesigns, has exquiste Peruvian blue opals and faceted smoky quartz gemstone beads, with a hammered silver chain. I can see the influence of Sharon's Sedona, Az home in her work; each piece is breathtakingly beautiful. I've priced gemstones for my own creations and think that the quality of materials and craftsmanship offered by Sharon Clancy designs is unsurpassed at her Etsy prices!

These are three jewelers whose shops I check often, and you'll see their work repeatedly in the treasuries I curate on Etsy. It is like a journey into an enchanted inner landscape to look through their new works, or to revisit older favorites. These are women who chose carefully and knowlegably, whose work has a radiance within. I am dazzled but not assaulted by the sparkle, and this is the true artistry of jewelry. It is easy to make something pretty, but to make something of true beauty, the piece must hint that behind all outer beauty there is a unifying inner light. A true work of art always has that quality of something deeper.


  1. such a small world, you posted on my picnic story on my blog and I came here to say hello and here is my sister's jewelry!
    Another interesting connection is that as an artist for many years in encaustic painting and painted photos I had many open studios and that Rumi quote was made into a tee shirt that I wore. I used it as my quote for years. It has to be my favorite of all time! I have to say how lucky I am to have Sharon as a sister as my ears and neck have always been thrilled to wear her very beautiful jewelry. Again thanks for stopping into my blog! Marianne

  2. marianne- What an exceptionally talented family you have! It's so richly rewarding to start connecting with like minded creative souls through Etsy. Rumi poetry has been a love of mine for the last decade. It's amazing to me that he wrote this 800 years ago, and it still reads as so fresh and current.

    Thanks for dropping a comment, and I'll be enjoying your blog for many years to come.

  3. Beautiful pieces, wonderful connections you have made.

  4. I am a HUGE fan of veroque's bead woven beauties..she is amazing!