Thursday, May 21, 2009

Make a Wish!

My baby girl turned 16 yesterday. Her party is Saturday, and we had a family celebration last night. Being the perpetual craftster, I made her a card but really did not like any 'Sweet 16' poems that I found online, so I wrote this for her. It's not great literature or anything, but I thought I'd share it and if any of you want to use it, please drop a comment here. Otherwise, just tell me where the last 16 years went- it seems like maybe 2 years ago when she went to first grade.

Make a wish! And keep on wishing
For whatever sweet sixteen dreams can bring
Reach for the keys, freedom, and friends
Sing the song you were born to sing!

Today your journey as a young woman begins
You've grown more beautiful every day
You don't need my hand but I'm still in the stands
Cheering you on all the way!


  1. What a sweet poem for your beautiful daughter to cherish! Happy Sixteenth birthday! The last sixteen years went to raising your wonderful daughter, but I agree it does go by far to quickly!

  2. Look closely in her eyes and her smile, your sixteen years of the highs and the lows are in their! The seeds of sixteen years of parenting have put down deep roots and bloomed into this lovely young flower.

  3. this is an incredible poem. What a beautiful gift to your daughter! She's absolutely gorgeous and many congratulations to her and you!!

  4. Thank you all for the beautiful well wishes!


  5. Lovely young woman and lovely poem only from a moms heart! thanks for sharing!