Monday, May 25, 2009

obsessed, I admit it

The problem with loving art and crafts is that everything becomes an art project, and it's exceedingly difficult to let anything be ordinary or mundane. I can't even set a table for dinner or put a few books on a bookshelf without arranging everything as if HGTV were coming momentarily to record my efforts. So these were the cupcakes I maniacally frosted by blending the shades from one to the next, as seen in Martha Stewart Magazine. Martha is like the bartender or pusher for my Homemade obsession. They were pretty tasty, though.

One of my favorite party foods that I served up Saturday was my Grand Marnier fruit salad. It's pretty easy. To a bowl of cut up mixed fresh fruit add this dressing:

3/4 C orange juice
1/4 C Grand Marnier- a liqueur
sugar to taste (about 2T usually does it)

The other big hit with the kids was our Hebrew National hot dogs. A hot dog that is not mystery meat always stands out! We usually buy cruelty free meats, but Kosher is close.

Hope you all had a nice backyard gathering this Memorial Day weekend, and if you didn't, come to mine next year! I need another reason to play with food.

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  1. Well, when the food is photo-worthy it must be good! I am sure Martha would approve of the result. Very pretty and tasty looking.