Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sacred Imagery

Here are two finished pieces from my Sacred imagery series. The top one is a seated Buddha pendant with an Om sign on the back, and a wire wrapped freshwater pearl. I hand hammered the sterling silver clasp. I've strung both of these on Greek leather, but I've also done some in faux suede for vegans and those who don't want leather products.

The second one pictured is Tara, the female Buddha. I've used a sliding knot cord, so it adjusts wide to slip over your head, and then you can slide the knots to whatever length looks right with the day's outfit. I like this because it feels really light, and is also very affordable. My slide knot pieces are retailing at $10 on Etsy.

I relate to these images purely on an intuitive level. I'm not a Buddhist, although a lot of the authors and poets I love are. For me, the seated Buddha is a reminder that mellowing out my thoughts before I speak, like through meditation, is a really good idea. It is worn at the throat, which is considered to be the center of speech.

Tara, the female Buddha, seems to me like the compassionate side of Buddha. I've always been drawn to the Christian Mary and the Jewish Sophia, so when I discovered a female Buddha, I related to Her right away.

I like the way my whole One Clay Bead jewelry is evolving.


  1. Beautiful! I love the second one, because of Tara and compassion, and also the corde is lovely!

  2. These images look like they could easily be in a sacred place, a meditation area in your house. The stone is so grounding and the pendants are calming. I would wear either one as a reminder to calm down and put things in their proper perspective.

  3. Thanks angelshair!

    in2l, I photographed these outside on some flagstone, ans i thought the same thing! Here is where I come to chill out and meditate, and the pieces feel right against these beautiful rocks.