Friday, May 8, 2009


I had a thought this morning while looking at the flowers plucked recently from the garden, some standing perfectly; proudly - and some beginning the wilted droop. And I thought of how these fleeting perfections are sitting in a vase that will outlive even my own coming and going on this earth, a vessel which may be here in its same form even after homo sapiens are bones and relics.

The contrast appeals to me deeply. I've sought this out in my life, too. I want newness, and adventure, and fleeting pleasures, and also containers that remain unchanged.


  1. This flowers arrangement looks really lovely!!!

    ... thanks a lot for your kind words at my blog dear!!!

  2. The flower arrangement looks very nice, but even better as it is so nicely complimented by the great vessel of your design.
    lovely work and blend of beauty!

  3. ixela, you are one of the wonderful talents i've found on Etsy- you too, Gary heller. Thanks. both, for your kind words.