Thursday, May 14, 2009

Buy Me

Sherrie and Allison, the buyer and manager of Grovewood Gallery, were here yesterday to pick out pots for the gallery. They both had many kind words for my new work, and picked my Buy Me table clean.

Even after 30 years, I have an inexplicable level of anxiety around who likes my work, how much they like it, and whether people who liked last year's work will take the leap with me into my new stuff. I keep working on ideas and lines whether or not they sell, but it is so much easier when they do! The urge to create comes from within me, and I enter states where the sheer sweetness of color and form, the audacious purity of impressionable clay, and the timeless trance of hands/eyes/attention are reason enough to keep making new pieces. But I, like any artist, secretly want a place in the world, and the place in the world that we all want is one where what we do that moves us to joy or tears moves others as well.


  1. Beautiful work as always. I'm not surprised they would select all from the table.
    Its great to know othes appreciate your works as much as you enjoy creating them
    well done!

  2. So beautiful and sweetly said. Isn't it odd that while we experience the same situations time and again, those situations still raise anxiety and second-guessing, despite the evidence of years of experiencing positive outcomes at those times.

    Congratulations and wishes for your continued success. May you continue to be moved to create and experiment, where would the world be without creative experimentation?