Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When I look at her

My daughter is coming home today from a trip to Disney with her school band. This is a cameraphone picture carelessly snapped before she left, and filed in a folder she's marked 'Random', and that is so perfect. There is such a crazy joy in her that I feel, in looking at any random moment, like I'm looking through a thin veil, and behind it, just beyond the gauze of prettiness and youth, is the wonder of a Universe, a Creator, most pleased with itself. She has had this unreasonable transcendent laughter, merriment, joi de vivre, since she made her entrance into this world, and my hope, my prayer, my heartbeat's afirmation, is that this quality stays with her, no matter what else comes or goes.


  1. Your daughter is precious, look at that smile!

  2. What a great wish to bestow on her.
    May she shine!


  3. Thank you both! Now that she's home, and we are going through the everyday drama of teenage girl and Mom, its nice to visit my blog, and your comments, and remind myself to keep the big picture in mind and let the small stuff go!

  4. I am so in love with this photo - your daughter does look like such a joy. You are lucky to have so beautifully captured this fleeting moment.