Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Follow Your Life

I was struck by a comment left yesterday by Anne-Julie, regarding the meaning of her piece, Le Labyrinthe: "It represents a time of my life when I needed to look further, to escape from limbs and labyrinths, and other things that used to brake me. I needed to finally follow my life..."

...Which leads me to Gary Heller's Mystic Garden, pictured above. It is just summoning me to follow my life. What's really sort of making my head explode is that I could have also used this image from munieca in Argentina, or this one from InMost light in Tel Aviv, or even this print by Angelshair in Brooklyn, NY. They are all images of beckoning.

I'm not someone who likes to get all rational when I sense the mysterious, so I'll just end by saying that it's very intriguing that people from around the globe are making images in a common language, the one of our dreams, our inner listening, our heart's desire.

Maybe we are all sojourners on this planet; some spiritually, some emotionally, and some physically, so it is important to keep this in mind.


  1. Thank you for featuring my photograph. I like the post very much, but what sticks with me the most is what you said about "people from around the globe are making images in a common language, the one of our dreams, our inner listening, our heart's desire."
    This rings so true because art is a universal language that can be expressed in many ways to anyone from anywhere.
    Thanks again, and great post!

  2. The timing of this post is most auspicious given the recent international gathering in England and ongoing world events.

    All of these artists are being touched by the same things, they make it so easy to see that beneath the surface differences the people of the world share the same basic values, hopes and dreams.

    I could wish for a pool of artists to attend these events instead of the journalists!

    Totally thought provoking post!

  3. And as a follow up - I hope everyone takes the time to click through to your links and after contemplating the images, reads the descriptions of the pieces.

    Something there to definitely keep in mind!

  4. Ohh thank you!! I love so much the annejulie's work too!
    I think in all my illustrations you can see little girls in a introspective way (they are me of course, and are many other womens like you). they are thinking! it is my favorite thing to do. The comment of annejulie it's clever! I belive all we are following the life and something more as well.

  5. This IS a post that invites contemplation - and movement - that garden gate and path are right there, saying just one step forward...

  6. Thank you everyone- the comments here are some of my favorites.

    I hope everyone clicks the last link, as in2l suggested.... :)