Monday, April 6, 2009

I believe that my cat is incredibly wise

I believe that my cat is incredibly wise. She is, as I write, still as a statue in the garden, in utter acceptance, in perfect gratitude, having found, for hours at a time, what the pharmaceutical industry would like to claim is the effect of Zoloft or Paxil. Wally has joined with the world in that way that brings deep peace and true bliss. She becomes the breeze, when it blows; she gives her approval to tulips and weeds alike. And when I feel trapped in my world of economic downturn and parenting dilemmas and hurtful remarks, I join my cat out on the grass. We let the clouds become faces, and enter the lives of new shoots bursting upwards.

It's all beautiful, to the curious. Sometimes the best prayer is just emptiness. Emptiness and a willingness to be amazed.


  1. Cats are amazing and the relationship they have with humans, well, they are often better than Zoloft and Paxil combined to calm me down.

    Fluffy kitty!

  2. you sit with your cat, too! They are soothing companions...unless it's dinnertime.

  3. You have such an incredibly beautiful way with words! I know exactly the kitty zen you are describing, and I too marvel at the way my "fat boy" can be so soothing and at peace with his universe :)

  4. Jennie, Thank you for the kind words, and I think you've done very well with 'kitty zen!'