Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Snow

I woke up to a fluttering white dance of snowflakes, and the sun has not yet fully emerged. Everything of color is now utterly stark and unmistakeably visible. The few clinging leaves and the ordinary evergreens are momentarily transformed.

And so it is with my life since last October stripped our family of 80% of our income. We have not grieved once for the things we lost, but rather, the things that were always so ordinary as to be invisible we see as precious gifts. And when this snow melts away, and the economic recession returns the lost jobs, our hearts will be richer for having seen the extraordinary beauty that money does not offer.


  1. Wonderful post, Lee. Am glad we don't have the snow today, though a little east of us, they got some. But it is always good to have reminders of the precious things we overlook in our abundance.

  2. Thanks, becky,
    Our snow is all melted off now, so I'm glad I went out and took photos this morning! All the daffodils popped right back up and the tulips are opening.

  3. I have always found the most enlightenment comes to me in the darkest times.

    Please share some more of these pictures when you get a chance.

  4. Thanks, in2l- in my secret fantasies someday at least 1 of my potshots will capture the amazing adventure of my back yard!

  5. Hi...I happened to see a post you made on a thread in an Etsy forum, linking to this post...and I just wanted to say that it's beautiful, the way it's written and everything, it brought a tear to my eye.