Wednesday, April 22, 2009


After two months of screwing up pots and not getting what I want, I'm starting to get some wonderful new pieces! Here is a faceted pot in Tenmoku and Black Tea Dust glazes. I love everything about this small vase- the subtle ridges in the facets, the glaze flow and fit, the shape. Buyers are coming in two weeks, and I am down to the wire to get enough of these pots glazed and ready to sell.

My Aqua, Tidal Pool Blue and Green Tea glazes are still unpredictably running, but the last kiln load had more successes than failures. Yayyyyy!

After 30 years as a potter, I have enough technical prowess to knock out the same ole same ole with precision but its just not in me to do that. I like adventure, and exploring off the beaten path, and so onward I go.

The journey is the destination.


  1. Happy Trails! This blog is a wonderful travelogue of your journey. I enjoy reading about the ups and downs and the special moments in your life.

  2. Thanks in2l- I really enjoy being able to share my pitfalls and breakthroughs in this way!