Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Fun of Egg Hunts

If you are seeing silly photos like this on Etsy, its due to the Etsy Mud Team's Eggcellent Treasure Hunt Adventure. Click the link to find out how to find eggs cleverly hidden in listings from team members, and then report your findings to receive a 15% off coupon for participating Etsy stores. Mine included.

I joined the Etsy Mud Team after I bought a Showcase spot on April 1st, and found myself standing out as one of only a few potters not displaying my work surrounded by toilet paper rolls! I'm a huge April Fools goofy gag fan, and so I had to get in on their fun.

We are an interfaith family, so we'll have matzos and bitter herbs tomorrow for Passover, and an Easter egg hunt also. For the first year, my daughter won't be home on Easter Sunday, as her school band is going to Disney on Saturday. So I plan to hide candy in those 15 year old plastic eggs all through her suitcases. I won't be able to see that grin of absolute abandon on her face when she realises that the hunt is still on, but I know that it will be there!

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  1. Sorry to hear your daughter won't be with you this year for Easter. I know traditions are powerful forces in our lives. I am sure she will get a kick out of finding the hidden eggs and her friends will be jealous that her mom loves her enough to make sure she still got to keep the tradition even 1000 miles away.