Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Staging my jewelry

These are some great shots I got of my daughter modeling 2 new necklaces. I shot them on a cloudy, windy day, so that the light is very diffuse and the wind was blowing through her hair. I intentionally left the colors soft, unsaturated. I chose a location that shows where I live and work, so that people from around the world on Etsy can see how the inspiration for my jewelry is the natural world around me. It also shows how well it looks with a simple summer dress, no make up, and wind blown hair. In others words, casual, natural, everyday female beauty.

I definitely think that staging my jewelry helps get it noticed, especially in a saturated market like jewelry on Etsy. The last one had to be reformatted, or Etsy's 'gallery' mode would chop off the pearl at the bottom, so it is not the lead photo. If you want to see them as they present on Etsy look here and here.


  1. This is wonderful.
    Thanks for all your beautiful pictures.

  2. Good for you for waiting for the right lighting to take these photos of your beautiful designs. I especially like that first photo and pendant. I think your lucky as well to have a beautiful model with great skin to show off these works.
    If i can suggest one thing, it would be great to also include a very cropped close-up of the piece.I would consider cropping the original right down to the pendant but just showing perhaps the chin and lip of your daughter as well as the top line of the blouse.Then save that as another photo to include in the listing, maybe even the first one.
    The close-up is perhaps the most important shot.
    Lovely work

  3. lasglass- thanks!

    Gary- Always nice to have a professional opinion- thank you. I do have a cropped version in my 5 shots. I've started using the staged shots as #1 because there is so much jewelry on Etsy that anything different gets noticed at least!

    I was really amazed at what a difference the lighting makes! I've shot in sun, and the shadows are just so harsh and glary.

  4. Yes, perfect. That cropped close up is great.
    That really is a beautiful pendant and personally i think the close up should be the first image because the pendant is so striking and charming that it will catch attention. I believe so. . .

  5. Thanks, Gary! I took your suggestion, too! If you look on Etsy, I redid the Heart with Pearl piece as you first suggested, just showing the chin of my model and the necklace. I also listed a new necklace and used the chin shot as the lead photo. I really appreciate your taking the time to weigh in on my photography!

  6. Your jewelry is stunning! Looks beautiful, especially i like the first one necklace with butterfly, so dreamy, elegant and simple in one.