Monday, June 8, 2009

Is Dad an Eco-Freak?

When my dad retired from his executive corporate job, he took pleasure in old memorabilia, like this mid century table radio, in the vintage shop of jessjamesjake. His house became less of the place that I remembered, where my mom entertained other business associates and their wives, and more of a showcase for objects that he found personally pleasurable. This was the beginning of his metamorphosis into a full blown eco-freak. It starts with appreciating old objects so that they are upcycled back into use, rather than contributing to the mound of waste polluting our planet.

I've noticed that since my husband lost his job, also in the corporate executive world, he has a much more value-centered approach to finding a new job than when he was a younger man. His drive to make a difference through his job exceeds his desire to simply sell his time to the highest bidder. Maybe being used up and spit out by corporations has given him empathy for how we are treating the planet's resources. He now firmly believes in the value of small businesses, helping grow the local and real economy, and developing green business practices for all companies. This clock made from recycled railroad tie plates and found objects, found in PaulaArt's shop, would interest him a lot these days. This former suit is clearly in the advanced stages of becoming an eco-freak!

At the last, most critical stage of becoming an eco-freak, a person will develop an irreversable love for anything organic and earthy in nature, such as this lidded vessel by Barbdunshee. Such objects will become preferable to ties, gunracks, and large power tools that are more typical gifts for Father's Day. We are also meeting many younger men who have bypassed traditional male interests altogether, and gone straight into eco-freakdom.

I am writing this so that some might take some of these changes in male tastes into account when considering what to buy for Father's Day. Your dad, husband, grandpa, stepfather, or godfather may already be an eco-freak!


  1. lee! thank you for posting my Limited Ed. Clock on your blog...gee I never thought perfect for the eco dad :) I should hire you as my marketing agent ha!
    seriously, awesome to see it here, i'll keep making those treasuries!
    best to you

  2. Great words on eco-freak-ism.

    I love your bottle vases on your last entry.

    Thank you for mentioning my lidded vessel in an article about something I too am passionate about.

  3. In year's past I might have disagreed with your analysis, give me the right tool and I can get the job done right! Now, my decisions include not only getting something useful, but getting something that aligns with my values - recycled, upcycled, organic, handmade, locally made - these add to the value of the gift, in my opinion!

    I have also been known to enjoy getting something nice for my personal space - so an Etsy craft piece would be appreciated as well.

  4. Beautiful! Here's to the eco-freaks!
    We rock!


  5. Thanks for all the interest- it gives me hope that we are, indeed, making the changes to save ourselves.