Monday, June 15, 2009

lilies in vases

I have forgotten what's important lately, and stopped drinking my coffee in utter lazy luxury out in my garden swing. I have instead read endless business and marketing strategies about Twitter and SEO and important topics for your blogs. Meanwhile the lilies have opened their petaled doors to offer honey and fragrance. In each place where we planted one or two now five orange and golden faces sunbathe all day, getting the whole complex photosynthetic job of being a lily done without any social networking at all.

I gathered an armful of silent, fragile blooms to put on my desk, and the dining table, and stuck a few in vases if you'd like to see them on my Etsy site, to show how the containers that I make can best be used. Which makes me wonder if the Divine also thinks of us as containers for the beauty of this world, and maybe, at least sometimes, I need to be empty and receptive.


  1. I gathered an armful of silent, fragile blooms to put on my desk that is poignant...good post. nice vase, it even made me like the flowers :)
    if we are containers i need think I have fallen off the table and broken, its taking FOREVER to glue myself back together! thats a great me feeling humble and thoughtful today.

  2. Taking a walk in the garden, drinking a cup of goodness, smelling the lavender - if we could all do this at least once a day I think we would do less damage to the world, each other and ourselves during the rest of the day.

    Fill me up!

  3. I can hear you! I also am missing the blooms in my garden and did pick a nice big bouquet of peonies last night! I love the pics of the flowers and fruit in your pots!