Monday, June 29, 2009

One reason I'd go to Hotlanta

I'm a big fan of chARiTyelise, who makes the extraordinary hand built textured trays and jewelry on Etsy. What I love best about her work is the unusual and quite sophisticated way that she uses color. It's bright, it's bold, but it's never garish. She's just opened a tea house in Atlanta called TahCha, and I'm captivated by the way that her sense of color and texture translated into her restaurant design. I tell you, it's just genuis!! Look at her FlickR photos and marvel at the sheer amount of color and art flowing through the room, which maintains a serene and uncluttered feel.

I also read some of her restaurant reviews, and it made me want to make a road trip to Hotlanta! Iced black tea with coconut in it. Strawberry/Lemongrass tea. English breakfast cupcake. Raspberry tarts. And the one that really rings my bell- basil lemonade.


  1. How exciting, a tea house! Congratulations chARiTyelise!

  2. A big congratulations to chARiTyelise! The tea house looks amazing and the teapots on flickr are incredible .. I love her sense of color and style! i wish you much success!

    beautiful beautiful post :)

  3. chARiTyelise's shop sounds and looks great! Thanks for posting the links ... I'm hoping to stop by on vacation this summer!