Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cake Stand –works in progress


Here is my first prototype for a woodland cake stand. This project began when a fellow foodie asked if I would make  this woodland planter as a base for a cake stand:

Cake stands are notoriously difficult and temperamental pieces but I just have to try it.

CAUTION: This is not a DIY post. This is a copyright protected original design in progress. Do NOT try this yourself. If you do, or pin it to a DIY board on Pinterest, your left eyeball will ooze green puss and black hairs will emerge from both nostrils. Don’t say you were not warned.

Here are my small prototypes:


The bases were hand built hollow sculptures and the tops were thrown on a wheel.


A coil of clay was added to the base and thrown on the wheel so that the top is perfectly level. Tree branch stumps were added.


The top was joined to the bottom, with slip between. Coils reinforce the joint.


Of these three small scale works, I like the flat top without the skirt the best. I chose this one for my large prototype, but also made 2 more in case this design cracks or warps in the firing. I may have to repeat this design process 2-10 more times if I want a cake stand that I can reliably produce as a small scale production piece. Additionally, the glaze I intend to use may need to be reformulated to work in these varied surfaces.

I have weeks and sometimes years of design hours in most of my work, and that is before I begin messing around with the styling, description, and market testing.

Why would an artisan such as myself, in the middle of Wedding Season with orders on hold, bother to create something new? Why would I not just do what I already know, make what will effortlessly sell?

Sarah-Lambert Cook gave her reasons in this post, which started me thinking about why the idea of a woodland cake stand displaced my love of abundant cash, and trust me, I do love that, too. There is something about having what I see in my mind’s eye emerge into a tangible thing that gives me great joy. So I guess, essentially, I do it for the fun.


  1. I really had to laugh about your prevention to be pinned to a DIY board!
    It´s great to do it for the fun!

  2. Ooh, green puss and black nose hairs? You've got great copyright protection! I like the flat top best, too. I shall call him Stumpy.

  3. The great question of "why?" . . .

    I believe it is always because, at the end of the road, which is ever closer in our view, we will not remember what we did with the abundant cash, if we ever had it. . .but we will certainly not be able to forget the things we didn't do. Even the small ones.

    These are going to be beautiful Lee!!