Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Website Launching Soon!

sunday coffee collection shopify

pieces currently available at OneClayBead is in the works! I am excited and strangely filled with a humble grace as I move my online sales to a website of my own. I’ll be offering my full range of dinnerware options, heirloom wedding gifts, and fine artisan serving pieces. Plus it will look really cool.

dinnerware currently viewable on Facebook

I want to acknowledge Sarah-Lambert Cook of Tuckooandmoocow for her invaluable help and encouragement.

hand painted Chickadee locket by Sarah-Lambert Cook

To a smart young person like Sarah, setting up a website means a few weeks of learning CSS while breezing through the endless ‘next’ buttons on the 4,261 steps necessary to create a web page in 5 easy steps. Whereas to me, who was born into an era when an Apple was a fruit, the web was built by a clever talking spider named Charlotte, and technology gurus published helpful tips on how to operate your manual can opener, creating a website is synonymous with

 z = x + iy = |z| (\cos \phi + i\sin \phi ) = r e^{i \phi} \

 \bar{z} = x - iy = |z| (\cos \phi - i\sin \phi ) = r e^{-i \phi} \

or perhaps building a nuclear reactor that comes in a box with “some assembly required”.

Anything on  that looks like Yoda made some stoneware pottery or reads as if ee cummings wrote the descriptions is mine. But anything that actually works is to Sarah’s credit.

I also want to acknowledge and thank the Full Time Etsy Crafters for their inspiration and technical help. These women have opened many windows and doors into what I now see as possible as an artisan business.

As always, I work, create, and dream in solitude, but it is the radiant candles of friendship that light my path.


  1. Oh my goodness. That last line is so poetic and a sentiment with which I think we can all relate. It is so beautiful I might copy it into my sketch book.

    Good luck with your new venture.

  2. Lee, I am SO glad to have met you! I'm really excited to see your website coming together--it's going to be awesome. Love your last line :).

  3. wow. beautiful post. so well done Lee. congrats on the new site!

  4. Oh dear, I am afraid I am going to go broke! I am an Etsy addict and this will not help one bit! I love your pottery so much it is all over my house and now it is populating my sister's home and my extended family. Congratulations Lee!

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