Monday, April 2, 2012

by believing passionately

Believing in the nonexistent
What drives me in pottery, after all these years, is not to give birth to stuff that merely decorates. I believe that if you are decorating, you are already dead. The places where we dwell, the room we awake into, the table we set are not reflections of who we are. These are the molds that shape who we are. They create us, and we are reflections of what surrounds us.
minimalist set 3 copy
When I create pottery for the table, it is with the intention to nourish the soul, to open interesting discussions, to leave imprints of wild and organic shapes in the memories of those who gather.
easter styling 1
In learning to style my photos I am reading techniques so that I might bring the possibility of beautiful, wild, organic living. The regimented geometry of where things must be placed is stifling. I love creating flow and movement and pushing the boundaries. Technically, I am still pretty basic. This will improve over time.
nestin bowls 2
Pottery displayed available here
Do you believe passionately in something that still does not exist?

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  1. every single day...

    this was a beautiful post - philosophically and visually...

    i think of the work i make in such a way - and often wonder what it tells me about myself? things i may not even be cognizant of...

    a process i am most grateful for -