Monday, January 2, 2012


Yesterday I cleared moist dead leaves that clung in crevices of a bush in our garden. The bush had brown spots where the leaves had blocked sunlight all summer long. On New Years Day, as we clear away the old to make space for new growth, I thought of all the possibilities in my own life that have manifested only after I cleared away the dead debris, and opened myself to the transformative powers of sunlight.

And I think there are two parts to the magic that changes and heals. One is the act of protest, of knowing what needs to be hauled away and allowed to compost. It is then necessary to open oneself to the sunlight, to allow the mysterious and unknowable process of renewal to take place in our own hearts and minds.

In 2012, I will be a clearing for the good stuff to show up.

Do you ever lift your face to the warm sun and let it fill you with pleasure? Or are you lost in he world where status matters, and your clothes tell us who you really are?

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  1. Absolutely moving video and your words are inspirational. The year had already begun for me with many of the words from this video(acceptance, forgiveness, peace, calm, growth) running through my mind as I fell asleep each night. This is one way I am opening myself to all the possibilities that will show up in my life this year.

    It is amazing the future goodness that comes from the compost combined with the sunshine.