Friday, December 2, 2011

Battle of the bowls

battle of the bowls

My eye is drawn to pattern and so the flower shaped bowl, with its complex symmetry, has become a signature form. The second bowl is the flower bowl just before the rim is altered into the waves. Something inside me has been wanting to stop there. So, in the middle of my busiest season, I took  time out to throw 4 of each.

There is no clear winner yet. The flower bowls sold out faster but those who bought the round ones loved them a lot.

When you love pottery as I do, certain pieces appear as if I've been searching for them a long time only I've just remembered that I lost it. They feel both utterly new and utterly familiar all at once. Both bowls evoked this type of reaction, so I don’t know if I should choose just 1 to continue, even though that is far more practical.

Which do you like better?


  1. I LOVE the round ones and even went back to buy the other 2, but someone had beat me to one of them. I say make the second (no flower rim) again. It's different from a lot of your other work I see and a really pleasing shape for a bowl.

  2. oh, lee - that is a tough question... i love the rippling edge of the bowl on the left... but am fond of the clean line on the right -
    i think you should make what your hands and muse suggest at the time... do you need to choose between them?

  3. I like them both! Hard decision. Just a suggestion...perhaps on the bowl with the ruffled rim try a simpler glaze because so much is translated in the shape. (I'm sure that makes no sense.) They are both lovely.

  4. Thanks for the feedback! Adele, you make perfect sense. It is right on the far edge of being too busy, not quiet.