Friday, January 13, 2012

Minimalist Ceramics

As snow covers my once busy landscape, all but a few stark details recede into the soft white. It seems to reflect our lives, which were filled to the point of strain only a month ago, and now we have entire mornings unscheduled. So I could say that this is where my new affair with minimalist ceramics begins.
A less poetic explanation is that I've spent hours of time on Pinterest lately, creating style boards, and have discovered Nordic and Scandinavian blogs by interior designers and food stylists that I’ve lusted over.

This series of flower bowls is called Winter Lovers:
Winter Lovers captures the romance of frost on the windows, walks through the snow, and melting into someone you love by the fire.

It consists of my Ice Crystal Blue glaze, Satin White Glaze, and Cloud glaze, with the Flower bowl shape.
Hope you find some minimally busy time to do something aimless, something unplanned, something simply for pleasure.

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