Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Blog Design!

I’ve needed a better graphic look for this blog! It never even had a banner until now and the text scrolled in a tiny narrow strip. I’m a fairly decent writer and love blathering away and imagining that I am important enough to read, so Sarah of Tuckooandmoocow came over yesterday and pimped my blog up. I designed the banner and sidebars, she made the buttons for social media links and created the HTML.
Sarah loved the vintage Zuni fetish beads that I use sparingly in my jewelry. They are hand carved by individual artisans in the 70’s, right before Native American jewelry moved largely into production assembly. These tiny works of art have a powerful beauty. I noticed that Sarah handled them reverently and appreciated the totemic meaning. I traded her 5 beads for her help. She plans to pair them with her landscape painted miniatures. You can follow tuckooandmoocow on Facebook to find out how she uses them.
beads 1
beads 2
It is way cool that I bartered for her expertise with beads. Such an old way of honoring someone’s labor.
I’m going to be writing more often now. You know how happy I get when you let me know that my visual obsessions please you, so don’t hesitate to comment here, and on my Lee Wolfe Pottery Facebook, too!


  1. Absolutely love this look and the easy access to your shop and Facebook and Marcella's shop MarciG's. Best of all, your writing always makes me think about subjects and viewpoints I would not normally think about.

  2. I am so excited to see more of your posts, Lee, not to mention how excited I am to use the totems with my work. LOVE your new photo stylings! Looking great!

  3. the blog looks great lee... the banner is beautiful and the rest of the details pull it together... how wonderful that you got to trade with beads... they are rather spectacular...

  4. Thank you all. It sort of amazes me every time I look at it. Like going from writing in a dimestore notebook to a fine crafted journal.