Monday, September 28, 2009

stray cat

There was a stray cat living in a barn behind our house all summer. He watched us from a distance. He was luxurious fur stretched on a skeleton, with eyes of fire. I left food around for 2 months, and he finally allowed me to approach and pet him. He was wild, unpredictable, and would hiss and scratch unexpectedly, so I was as wary as he was, but still, I kept approaching. My husband has allergies, and we already have 2 cats, so he did not want another housecat, and I knew I couldn't keep him. Yesterday he showed up with a collar! So my "Boots" found a home!

Kindness is a mysterious force that gets inside us all and changes us and makes us easier to be around. The family I was born into was not kind; we were nice. It is not the same. Nice things are said and done with an implied contract in mind. Some reward is expected for being nice, whereas kindness shines like the sun with no agenda.

A teacher once said to me, "Opening your windows does not guarantee that the wind will blow through your house, but keeping them shut guarantees that it will not. Love is like the wind. You have to be open, or it can't come in."

Kindness is a call to open.


  1. Aw! What a darling story! And even more so - beautiful kitty! Thanks for sharing :o) purr!

  2. that was eloquent and so very accurate... i have just 'found' you and your daughter thanks to nigh bluey... i am a jewelry designer, blossoming metal worker with a creative daughter as well... i look forward to travelling along with you in your blog and art ~

  3. oh, i forgot to mention, i recently made a necklace dedicated to the raven, it's in my etsy shop - am waiting to see if you have any offerings tomorrow with them!

  4. I am so pleased he has found a home! thought I was going to have to come your way to collect him! what an adorable little thing :O)

  5. I love this entire post - specifically the very first (the photo) and the very last (the quote from your teacher). What a lovely story and you are a wonderful writer! Beautiful cat! :)